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Welcome to Geek Basic

We are an affiliation of cyber punks. Our mission is to research and develop obscure ideas in the world of information technology. Originally, Geek Basic was a platform for open source software downloads and technical discussion. In late 2015, we began to experiment with online marketing. This lead to great growth and expansion. Since then, we have become an official business and now offer many online services including cryptocurrency faucets, advertising networks, and a telnet accessible web browser.

Bitcoin PTP ad network - Instant four satoshi after every hit - Accepting all traffic

Directory of Services

Open Source Software
Open source software archive by Gemino Smothers.
Geek Basic Forum
A forum for cyber punks.
Lands of Chaos
Point and click adventure mmorpg. In game funds may be cashed out as bitcoin to players wallets.
Promote This
Instant no minimum bitcoin PTP network.
Promote This Bitcoin Faucet
Bonus bitcoin faucet for Promote This PTP network.
Promote This Bitcoin Faucet 2
Bonus bitcoin faucet for Promote This PTP network. Features bitcoin generator.
Roto Buddy Bitcoin Faucet
Collect from our rotator friendly faucet every ten minutes!
Traffic Faucet
Submit your website for free iframe traffic 24/7.
Advertising Market
View our inventory of advertising space.
Face Collage
Social media with bitcoin rewards.
UnMarkNet Browser
Telnet based web browser and search engine.

Earn Bitcoin by sending traffic to a link!

Contact Our Team

Gemino Smothers

San Bernardino, California


1 909 533 9582
Stephen Sawyer

Mandeville, Louisiana
Mark Bunker

Yucaipa, California

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