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Welcome to Geek Basic

We are an organization of cyber punks. Our mission is to research and develop obscure ideas in the world of information technology. Originally, Geek Basic was a platform for open source software downloads and technical discussion. Today, we offer a variety of services and have built a global network with a great community.

Directory of Services

Bit Shares
Earn Bitcoin by sending traffic to a link!
Traffic Faucet
Submit your website for free iframe traffic 24/7.
Open Source Software
Open source software archive by Gemino Smothers.
Advertising Market
View our inventory of advertising space.
Geek Basic Forum
A forum for cyber punks.
UnMarkNet Browser
Telnet based web browser and search engine.

Contact Our Team

Gemino Michael Smothers
(site admin/programmer)

San Bernardino, California


1 909 533 9582
Stephen Sawyer
(hardware expert/IT guy)

Mandeville, Louisiana


1 985 237 0379